The Process & Journey of Working 1-2-1 with Tanya:

Getting started

As I work with clients on a package basis, I can only accept a limited number of 1-2-1 clients at three-monthly intervals, and we are now taking bookings for March- May 2023 intake of new 1-2-1 clients. To understand why I work on a package basis, please head over to the "my approach" section, where I explain this fully for you. 

Once happy with this approach, the best starting point is for us to “Get Acquainted”. I’d like to learn more about your health concerns and so invite you to book a free 15 minute Get Acquainted/Discovery call. This call is not a consultation, but to ensure we are the right fit to work with one another. That your health goals are the right match for my practice, discuss the suitability of either working 1-2-1  with me and of course, for you to connect with me.  

^ Appointments as a part of DNA Menohealth & Hormone packages are available immediately; see full details by clicking the hyperlink. 

Book a free 15-min discovery call

The Consultative Journey with Tanya has two steps: Step 1 is an Initial Investigative Consultation, Step 2 is to become an affiliate member of the practice and work with Tanya through a functional health treatment package. Follow the journey and inclusions by clicking the icons below. 

Step 1

An Initial Investigative Consultation is the first step on your journey to better health. This is a standalone appointment, where you get value and insights about your current health symptoms and what initial steps you need to take. Click here to read more...

Step 2

If, you then wish to continue the journey with me you’ll be invited  to become a member of my practice, and work with me through an Affiliate Functional Health Package. An affiliate package structure has been carefully curated to provide you with all three components (education, expertise & support) that I feel are imperative to allow you to make the required changes on your health journey. Click here to read more...

Ongoing options 

There are two choices: become a loyalty member and receive priority booking together with additional health benefits, or simply book adhoc follow up appointments. Click each icon here to read more...