Functional Medicine Lite Package - 2 Months

This package is ideal if your health history isn’t overly complex and you are more simply looking for some preventative functional health care advice to follow. Maybe you have been working with another practitioner and would like another opinion or fresh view. The Lite package is for those who do not need much support and ongoing contact, but just need a fresh eye on how to improve what you are currently doing.

What is included?

1 x Personalised Functional Health Roadmap to include:

  • a condensed working hypothesis
  • tailored nutritional advice
  • testing recommendations
  • informational handouts
  • your Functional Food plan
  • recipe book resources relevant to your food plan (e-book)
  • targeted nutritional supplement & herbal medicine prescription  

(The creation of your personalised Functional Roadmap requires 1.5  hours of my professional time away from the clinical setting)

​1 x 45 minute follow-up consultation time to include verbal education around any test results, review of progress made and verbal advice on potential ‘tweaks’ to your Functional Health Roadmap. This can be split into 2 x 20 minute sessions if preferred. 

There is no facility for any additional email or phone call support within this package, hence its term "Lite". If you feel you will indeed need additional support and attention, my 3 or 6 month Functional Medicine Packages are the correct choice for you.

Cost:  £425^ 

^invoiced and due at the close of the Comprehensive Initial Consultation

Nutritional supplements and testing are both additional to the package cost. Click here for a full menu of Functional Laboratory Testing that I use in my clinic.



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