Functional Medicine Foundational Package  - 3 Months 

Now your package is confirmed, I get to work and begin to map out possible triggers & contributing factors, how they can impact physiological mechanisms and start to develop a hypothesis. This working hypothesis is shared with you as part of your evolving Functional Health Roadmap (see below).

What is included?

1 x Personalised Functional Health Roadmap*

1 x Nutrient Core Nutrigenomic test by LifecodeGx (value of £399)**

3 x 45 minute follow-up consultations

2 x "quick check in" support appointments (between 10 and 20 minutes each)

*The Functional Health Roadmap is dynamic, it is not a one-off treatment plan or standard protocol based on the name of your condition or diagnosis (eg Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis, or Menopause). It’s a therapeutic and adaptable roadmap, unique to you, that we will adapt as we work together along your path to optimal health, and will include:

  • a working hypothesis
  • tailored nutritional advice
  • testing recommendations
  • informational handouts
  • your Functional Food Plan
  • recipe book resources relevant to your food plan (A5 hard copy)
  • targeted nutritional supplement & herbal medicine prescription 

(The creation of your personalised Functional Roadmap requires 1.5 -2 hours of my professional time away from the clinical setting)

 **The Nutrient Core Report+ examines the key genes and variants (SNPs) involved in 15 aspects of health including: food response - to gluten, lactose intolerance and caffeine; microbiome diversity; vitamin A C D B12 & folate absorption, conversion and activation; master antioxidant status of glutathione; metabolism & appetite response; histamine -can you process it and how you are genetically set up with regards to blood pressure status, circadian rhythm and respond to bacterial and viral infections, which can lead to chronic inflammation

 I include this test, because understanding how you are genetically set-up to to respond to these fundamental nutrients, that are involved in literally 100's of pathways in the body from supporting immunity to impacting mood and temperament provides with such powerful information, that is unique to you, and woven into your bespoke Roadmap. You can view Liz Earle discussing her report with LifecodeGx here.

The differing lengths of appointment times allow us to work over time to assess and refine your Functional Health Roadmap. In my experience, clients need/like to have more frequent contact in the first 4-6 weeks of a package, and then extend the intervals of remaining appointment and contact times. The package is flexible – you can schedule appointments as you see fit.

The longer 45 minute consultations are to:

  • Review progress made, identify any challenges or roadblocks & discuss a plan to overcome these together 

  • Provide detailed education around any test results 

  • Provide updated advice and further development of your bespoke Functional Health Roadmap 

The shorter "quick check-in" appointments are to provide answers for any quick-fire questions and queries (via e-mail correspondence, Zoom or telephone).  

Built into this package is up to 3 additional hours of my professional time - researching and working on your case away from the clinic setting to formulate and redefine your Functional Health Roadmap. This allows me to really deep dive into your health history and triggers, your diagnosis or condition and the most recent medical literature and intervention options as it applies to your individual presentation.

Cost: £1250^ 

^invoiced and due at the close of the Comprehensive Initial Consultation

^ a 5% discount applied for My Health Hub Members

On payment, a Lifecode Gx DNA Test Kit will be dispatched. DNA is extracted and analysed from a sample of cheek cells. It takes just minutes to collect the sample, place the swab in the test tube with the stabilising tablet, compete and sign the consent form and place everything in the return packaging provided. A different Lifecode Gx panel can be chosen if you already have a Nutrient Core panel. 

Nutritional supplements and any additional testing to LifecodeGx Nutrient Core testing  are both additional to the package cost. Click here for a full menu of Functional Laboratory Testing that I use in my clinic.

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