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>What happens after The Initial Investigative Consultation?

You have 3 options:

  1. Become a member of my practice, by committing to an affiliate health package and continue your health journey with me

  2. Take your information and wait until you are ready to join

  3. Take your insights and work on things yourself with the info that you have been provided

>Do I have to become a member?

The Initial Investigative consultation is a standalone appointment, where you get value and insights about where you’re at and what initial steps you need to take. You absolutely have the opportunity to leave it there. 

If you wish to continue the journey with me, yes, you’ll need to become a member and commit to an affiliate package that provides you with all three of the components:  education, expertise & support that I feel are imperative, and non negotiable, to allow you to make the required changes on your health journey. 

> Why an Affiliate package ? 

Change takes time.  It also takes time to find root causes, conduct testing and research and connect all the dots to best optimise your health. In this type of work I cannot truly help you in 1 to 2 sessions. It's rather like committing to increase your fitness in order to run a marathon; a one off session at the gym or going to a class every once in while isn't going to achieve your goal of completing that marathon.Rather than treat you ad-hoc you'll get a specific measurable plan and be supported throughout the entire  journey.  

> Can I still “see” Tanya after my Affiliate package is completed?

Yes, absolutely! There are 2 options, become a loyalty affiliate member and receive priority booking together with additional health benefits or simply book adhoc follow up appointments 

  1. Loyalty membership. This includes:

  • Priority status in Tanya’s calendar scheduling over adhoc appointments. 

  • 10% loyalty discount on appointment fees*

  • 10% discount across all Foundation and Signature Functional Health Programmes 

  • 10% discount on Nutrigenomic packages 

  • Access to affiliate members health portal (continually updated throughout the year)
  • Annual access to Myhealth Hub private facebook group (value £79)

Cost: £165 per annum

*Appointment fee £265 pro rata per hour

  1. Adhoc appointments. This includes:

  • 1 X 45-60 minute follow-up appointment in clinic, via Zoom or phone, with written updates to your plan 

Cost: £265